Lagos is 50 years old and everybody is excited.

Professor Wole Soyinka has been appointed the Head of the Lagos @50 planning Committee alongside other notable Nigerians. Lagos State is so colourful with the display of successful artistes, politicians, businessmen with on almost every major road with the the inscription. ‘Lagos is my success story’.

Plans are being made to make the 5-day event a huge success and this is to drive home the point that Lagos State sets the pace in everything.

it is beautiful to see Lagos State  celebrated. Why not, Lagos State is the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. Everybody wants to visit Lagos. It is our own New York City in Africa, it is our own Johannesburg. Everything happens in Lagos State.

However, it breaks my heart to see the level of commitment the Lagos State Government has shown towards the success of Lagos @50 while the Healthcare in the State is nothing to write home about. It is sad.

it is a notorious fact that Nigerian and Indian doctors are the highest number of foreign trained professionals in the United Kingdom and the United States and only in 2013, the United Kingdom published a report that Nigerian trained doctors ranked 2nd on UK’s blacklist. Reports also have it that three-quarters of doctors struck off the General Medical Council register in the UK are foreign based and Nigerian trained doctors ranked  2nd on the list of doctors struck off this Register./nigeria-trained-doctors-rank-2nd-on-uk-blacklist/

As if this is not disheartening enough,  a tour of our hospitals show that they are  in a state of total shame and disrepair for the supposedly ‘Giant of Africa’.

Bringing it back home to Lagos State, which aims to be Africa’s model megacity by the year 2025, adequate and world class healthcare system and facilities remain elusive to the avergage man.

Doctors and nurses are incredibly overwhelmed and not adequately trained,  facilities and equipment are outdated or faulty, hospitals environment are so dirty and fit only to be situated in a village… the list is endless. While private hospitals seem to have the Facilities, the healthcare professionals are poorly trained and inexperienced and it is only available to the rich and stupendously wealthy.

How did we get here? This can only mean one thing, the educational system is in shambles. Our Universities, Polytechnics, Research Centres, Secondary Schools are in shambles. Our Universities are not recognised in developed countries, Teachers are not well trained and lack the capacity to be called teachers, Students learn next to nothing and only study to pass examinations. the situation is getting worse and it is extremely critical that the Government take urgent steps.

What is even more sad is when the  President of the Country can fly out of the Country to get treatment so what happens when the average man of the president’s age but without the financial capacity has the same illness? what happens? What happens is he dies another unnecessary death

Like the highly talented ‘Asa’ once sang, ‘There is fire on the mountain, and nobody seems to be on the run, there is fire on the mountain top……

Back to where i started, while Governor Ambode spends time and money planning the Lagos @50  the sad fact is Lagosians are dying in their hundreds, mortality rate is increasing, one out of 5 babies die before the age of 5 months. Hospitals are a death trap.

If only the same amount of money and time spent on Lagos @ 50  is spent on Healthcare in Lagos State……

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